Megalab™ - a global network

Megalab™ now operates through a network of partner labs, processing data from all areas of the world. Europe, North and South America, Australasia, South Africa and the Far East all receive information from the Megalab™ system.

Over 30 labs send data for interpretation by Megalab™ and in 2007 the system processed and reported over 200,000 samples from more than 40 different countries.

"solutions through analysis"

Megalab™ is an Internet based, secure system offering interpretation and biometric data services from agricultural analysis. Developed since 1990 the system operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day reporting product recommendations into the field for key YaraVita™ customers globally.

Product Development

Many of our most innovative products in the market today are based on analysis. By reviewing soil and tissue analysis from specific areas, we can put together market or crop specific products.

Megalab™ is also used for product selection and management within markets where Megalab™ data highlights key nutritional deficiencies to be addressed.

Biometric Data Analysis

Yara now utilises the databases stored in Megalab™ over the last 15 years to improve our understanding of crop knowledge internationally. Interpretation system development and comparative data reporting are two areas where we have unique information to offer the customer.

Nutrient Mapping

Megalab™ allows easy access to data regionally and this has been utilised in some markets to produce nutrient maps. Linking this information to local knowledge and crop agronomy offers an excellent tool for decision making on nutrient inputs.

World Leaders

The total knowledge accumulated by Yara is unparalleled, and justifiably supports our claim to be a leader in the formulation and supply of specialised plant nutrition products for agriculture - worldwide.